Diplomierter Tanzmeister und Choreograph, Komitee-Tanzmeister Wiener Opernball 2019, Umgangsformen-Coach, Energetiker-Masseur, Werbegrafik-/Webdesigner

Dominik Truschner

Modern Manners

Whether individual coaching or group seminars - Improve your manners in short workshops or full-day seminars, and profit in your job, in job interviews or at social events.

Social Dance and Motion Practice

Social Dance as a wonderful leisure time with a tailor made program for you and Motion practice in case of lack of exercise or as a supplement to existing therapies.


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Wann, wenn nicht jetzt?

Wann, wenn nicht jetzt?

Das Video der ARD-Tagesschau zeigt uns, warum viele Männer nicht so gerne tanzen. Wann, wenn nicht jetzt wäre der perfekte Zeitpunkt dieses Manko in eine Stärke umzuwandeln?    

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63. Wiener Opernball

63. Wiener Opernball

Der 63. Wiener Opernball wurde zu einem besonderen Ereignis zum Einen für unsere 144 Debütantenpaare, zum Anderen für mich, war es doch das erste Mal, dass ich bei diesem besonderen Ball an vorderster Front stehen konnte. Die besonderen Erlebnisse dieser fulminanten...

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Kinesiological taping as supplement to other forms of therapy for more effectivity


The gentle spine method to solve eddy blockages.


Reiki is of Japanese origin and is translated with"universal or universal life energy"“ übersetzt.


An energetic system that allows the location of the cause of diseases to be located.

Grafics and Webdesign

Simple Printouts or your new Website...: Ask for your exclusive advertising materials!

Business Printouts

with existing logo(s)

Prerequisite for the design of printing materials are basic elements such as logos, lettering, illustrations and textual content. Form families are composed of basic design and individual printing grades. Form guidelines can also be included in CD manuals.

Broschures, Booklets

with existing logo(s)

Brochures are developed in two stages:

  1. Basic design (number of sample pages by agreement) and
  2. Detail design depending on the actual size. Prerequisite for the design of printing materials are basic elements such as logos, lettering, illustrations and textual content.
Leaflets, folders, direct mail

with existing logo(s)

4-part direct mails consist of envelope, letter, folder and reply card. Prerequisite for the design of printing materials are basic elements such as logos, lettering, illustrations and textual content.

Ads, listings for products and services

with existing logo(s)

The development of an ad campaign takes place in two stages:

  1. Basic design with an agreed number of patterns in one to three design lines.
  2. Detail design.

The amount of work depends on the number of actual used subjects. The graphic design is based on provided photos and illustrations or they are produced according to the designs. The fees refer to the present text conception or texts.

About me

Born in Vienna in 1975, I came in contact with ballroom dancing in the Elmayer dance school while I was still at school. First as a student of Dir. Robert Hysek and also his successor, Dir. Rudolf Peschke, I soon became one of the assistants of the dance teachers Irmgard Helena Morakis and Andrea Kalser. The lessons in the well-known youth dance classes - first as an assistant, later as a state-certified dance teacher and diploma dance master and as a stv. Director - shaped my work until my departure at the end of 2016. The special fascination of the Viennese Balls soon aroused so much interest in me, that cooperation in the choreography of many opening ceremonies was simply unavoidable. Opera Ball, Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic, Jägerball, Ball of the Viennese Coffee House, Juristenball, Fête Impériale, Ball of the Int. Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA Staff Association Ball), Ball of the WU, Pharmacieball, etc ... and various balls abroad (for example in Romania, Carlsbad, Kaiserball in Munich) were soon in the calendar every year. The creation of many choreographies for the respective opening committee became my hobbyhorse, not least due to the influence of my later training teacher Klaus Mühlsiegl ...

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Dominik Truschner war übrigens auch heuer wieder extra für die Choreographie des Eröffnungskomitees angereist.”


...die private Seite Münchens

“Zur Eröffnung aufgespielt wurde von der Wiener Klangvereinigung unter Leitung von Gerald Mayr, das Jungdamen- und Jungherrenkomitee dirigierte Tanzleiter Dominik Truschner.”


Wiener Pirsch 2017

“The words swirl round and round as I take to the floor for a waltz lesson with Dominik Truschner. He was a great teacher however.” Travel Edits

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