Your new website

Completely regenerated
or as a relaunch of your old site

Modern & stylish websites

in 100% responsive design (also suitable for smartphones and tablets!)

Website based on your CI

You provide the logos and pics, I'll do the rest.

100% Responsive Design

Your modern & stylish website

All the content of your new website is visually appealing, except on the desktop PC, and can also be accessed on smartphones and tablets. This so-called "responsive design" enables you to convey all information to your customers on the move without any loss of quality or information.

also suitable for smartphones & tablets

Completely regenerated or as a relaunch of your old site

Joint concept development

GDPR compliant


According to your CI

Corresponding to the interpersonal “first impression” also applies to websites and homepages: In the first few seconds it is decided whether the website will invite further clicks or not. That is why simply structured pages and content are essential for customers. The accessibility of the information with a maximum of two clicks should always be kept in mind.

Gute, ansprechende und natürlich aussagekräftige Fotos erweitern die optischen Reize und sind auf jeden Fall ein „Must have“.


up to date

Your new website will be set up on the WordPress CMS, which is very popular worldwide, the flexibility of which allows many extensions for you according to your requirements. The stable and clear structure of WordPress enables website modules to be implemented, exchanged or used as often as required quickly and reliably.

Regular updates and updates are necessary for the safe operation of the homepage.

We will of course create the necessary concept for your new website together.

Base prices

Kurz zusammengefasst

Ihre neue Website kann entweder komplett neu generiert werden oder als Relaunch Ihrer bisher online gestellten Seite erfolgen. Eine moderne Homepage im 100% responsive Design (d.h. auch für Smartphones und Tablets ohne zusätzliche Programmierung geeignet!) wird DSGVO-konform aufgesetzt. Mit dem kostenlosen WordPress-CMS haben auch Sie die Möglichkeit, selbst Inhalte einfach schnell einzupflegen, wenn die Seite online ist.


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